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Interior Lighting Fixtures (148 Lamps)

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Technical Specifications

A pack of 148 Dynamic CAD Blocks and Vector Drawings.

File Format:

  • Vector File (SVG)
  • Adobe Illustrator File (AI)
  • CAD Blocks (DWG)

CAD (.dwg) Version: 2010


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CAD Dynamic Blocks and Vector Interior Lighting Fixtures

Explore our extensive CAD Dynamic Blocks and Vector Interior Lighting Fixtures collection. This pack includes 148 lamps covering the most common types of lighting fixtures, such as ceiling lighting, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, and integrated lighting fixtures. Each block is parametric, allowing you to adjust the lighting fixtures' dimensions to perfectly fit your design needs.

Perfect for Various Interior Design Projects

These blocks are indispensable for anyone involved in interior design projects, be it residential, commercial, retail, or hospitality. The versatility of these lighting fixtures enhances any environment, providing both functionality and style.

Dual Formats for Enhanced Design Flexibility

Our collection is available in both dynamic CAD formats and vector files in monochrome, catering to a broad spectrum of design needs. This dual-format approach ensures high versatility and user satisfaction, accommodating various professional requirements and personal preferences.

  • The dynamic CAD blocks are optimized for use in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, ideal for precision drafting and detailed technical projects.
  • The vector files are perfectly suited for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and any vector software, enhancing creative projects with sharp, scalable graphics.

Comprehensive Views for Detailed Designs

Each lighting fixture CAD block is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for your projects, featuring:

  • Top View
  • Front View
  • Side View

Ceiling Lighting Fixtures

  1. Crystal Chandeliers
  2. Modern Chandeliers
  3. Single-Pendant Lights
  4. Traditional Chandeliers
  5. Multi-Light Pendants
  6. Decorative Simple Pendant
  7. Cluster Pendants
  8. Drum Flush Mounts
  9. LED Ceiling Track with Multiple Spots
  10. Pendant Lamp with Multiple Bulbs
  11. Single Pendant Light with an Open Frame
  12. Traditional Flush Mounts
  13. Contemporary Flush Mounts
  14. Ceiling Track with Multiple Spots
  15. Integrated Ceiling Spots
  16. Ceiling Spotlight
  17. Ceiling Multi-Spotlight
  18. Drop Ceiling Integrated Lights
  19. Linear Drop Ceiling Integrated Lights

Wall Lighting Fixtures

  1. Wall LED Strip
  2. Up/Down Wall Sconce
  3. Swing Arm Sconce
  4. Adaptive Wall Lamp
  5. Auxiliary Wall Light
  6. Wall Lamp with Diffused Light
  7. Picture Light
  8. Spherical Wall Lamp
  9. Wall Single Spot
  10. Wall Multi-Spot
  11. Wall Decorative Sconce
  12. Flat Wall Lamp
  13. Traditional Wall Sconce

Table Lighting Fixtures

  1. Work Lamp
  2. Classic Table Lamp
  3. Traditional Bedside Table Lamp
  4. Square Table Lamp
  5. Ceramic Table Lamp
  6. Buffet Table Lamp
  7. Tiffany Table Lamp
  8. Candle-shaped Table Lamp

Floor Lighting Fixtures

  1. Adaptive Floor Lamp with Directional Light
  2. Floor Lamp with Light Bulb
  3. Floor Lamp with Directional Light
  4. Pharmacy Floor Lamps
  5. Tripod Floor Lamps
  6. Floor Lamp Spotlight
  7. Arc Floor Lamps
  8. Torchiere Floor Lamps
  9. Traditional Floor Lamp

Integrated Lighting Fixtures

  1. Cabinet Lighting
  2. LED Mirror Light
  3. Recessed Under Cabinet Downlight
  4. Strip Under Cabinet Downlight

Dynamic CAD Blocks Parameters

Note that the parameters of each block may vary based on its function, complexity, and shape, providing flexibility and precision for specific design requirements.

Download the best Dynamic Blocks

  • Opaque Background

    It is like a magical white background! Our Blocks are super user-friendly and have a built-in background using a Wipeout to make them opaque and get your graphics ready by only placing the Blocks!

  • Dynamic CAD Blocks

    Our Dynamic CAD blocks allow users to modify dimensions and parameters easily, providing flexibility and adaptability in various design scenarios.

  • Perfect Layers and Base Point

    We ensure that each CAD block is organized on Layer 0, making it easier for users to control visibility and manage drawing elements efficiently. Also, our Blocks' base point is always in the right spot to create the perfect grip!

Professional Dynamic CAD Blocks

Forget about static CAD Blocks!

We focus on delivering precisely what architects and designers have been seeking—high-quality dynamic CAD blocks designed to streamline, not hinder, their projects. We're committed to offering expertly crafted blocks that are practical and straightforward, helping elevate any project's quality.